Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Popliteal vein thrombus- Color Doppler ultrasound video clip:

                                                                               This color Doppler video clip shows the thrombus (arrows), clearly, in transverse section of the vessel.
                                                                       And this- a Color Doppler video clip of the same vessel in longitudinal section.
See: (for more on this case). On that page, you should find more color Doppler images of this case and details of how to image the veins of the lower limb. The interesting and indeed intriguing part of this case is the particulate movement within the thrombus- possibly fibrotic strands within it. This suggests that the thrombus is old or chronic, maybe a month or more old. 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cystic duct- ultrasound video:

                                                                             Color Doppler video clip showing the normal cystic duct as it emerges from the gall bladder to merge with the common bile duct. The portal vein is seen adjacent to the cystic duct.                                                       See:  for more.                                                                           Also:                                                                
 The color Doppler image above shows the cystic duct clearly. PV= portal vein.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Color Doppler video- simple cyst of testis:

This male patient underwent sonography of the scrotum for left testicular pain. The color Doppler video clip of the left testis shows a simple cyst of the upper pole of left testis. In addition, the patient has a large, grade 3 varicocele of the left scrotum (see video below). The cause of the left scrotal pain is in all probability, the varicocele, the cystic lesion of the testis being only an incidental finding.
Here are the still images demonstrating the simple testicular cyst:

The above ultrasound image shows a transverse section through the upper pole.  
 This is a long section color Doppler image of left testis with the non vascular anechoic lesion seen in the upper pole, clearly a cyst.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Multinodular goiter thyroid- Color Doppler video clips:

                                                                       This thyroid gland shows almost exclusive involvement of the right lobe by multinodular enlargement (goiter). This color Doppler video clip shows an interesting hypoechoic lesion in the upper part of the right lobe with marked vascularity of this lesion. The hypoechoic area measures 7 x 10 mm. in size with low resistance flow on spectral Doppler tracing (see image below).  

                                                                                     And this (below) is a color Doppler video clip of a long axis section through the right lobe with the lesion (arrows) seen as a vascular area in the upper pole of the right lobe.                                                                                                                                                
This lesion looks mildly hypoechoic on gray scale B-mode ultrasound, but the marked vascularity is disturbing. However, previous ultrasound images show no significant change in size or nature of the lesion. This lesion warrants a careful follow up ultrasound study in my opinion.

Welcome to my newest blog on ultrasound and Doppler videos:

This is my latest blog dedicated to ultrasound and color Doppler imaging with the emphasis on educating young sonologists and radiologists using real time B-mode ultrasound and color Doppler video clips. Much work has gone into obtaining the best possible quality of video imaging of normal anatomy and abnormalities.
Dr. Joe Antony, MD.