Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Multinodular goiter thyroid- Color Doppler video clips:

                                                                       This thyroid gland shows almost exclusive involvement of the right lobe by multinodular enlargement (goiter). This color Doppler video clip shows an interesting hypoechoic lesion in the upper part of the right lobe with marked vascularity of this lesion. The hypoechoic area measures 7 x 10 mm. in size with low resistance flow on spectral Doppler tracing (see image below).  

                                                                                     And this (below) is a color Doppler video clip of a long axis section through the right lobe with the lesion (arrows) seen as a vascular area in the upper pole of the right lobe.                                                                                                                                                
This lesion looks mildly hypoechoic on gray scale B-mode ultrasound, but the marked vascularity is disturbing. However, previous ultrasound images show no significant change in size or nature of the lesion. This lesion warrants a careful follow up ultrasound study in my opinion.

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