Sunday, October 9, 2011

Carcinoma of urinary bladder on TRUS

Often carcinoma of the urinary bladder can mimic an enlarged prostate (usually the median lobe). The projecting median lobe of prostate can often appear bilobed or even polypoid on Transrectal ultrasound scan (TRUS). Carefully imaging the entire prostate and checking for continuity of the prostate and the mass can help verify the exact origin of the mass in question.
  This case study just highlights this dilemma. The patient, an elderly male had a mass or rather a pair of masses located very close to the bladder neck. On TRUS the prostate appeared small and showed no direct continuity with the masses. The ultrasound and color Doppler video clips demonstrates this very well.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

PCO in adolescents

This 15 year old female child has irregular menses. The question is - can Polycystic ovary disease be seen at such a young age?
I believe the answer is yes!
Both ovaries show a volume of 10 cc. (definitely enlarged) and multiple small follicles (each of less than 7 mm.).
Ultrasound image of the uterus:

Image of the ovaries showing multiple small follicles:

Left ovary- note the large size and "string of pearls"
sign of follicles:

Right ovary also showing changes of PCO in this child:

Power Doppler image- both ovaries- PCO:


Name the part of the fetus in this ultrasound video:

This is a part of the fetal head. Can you name the part of the fetus we are focusing on?
Hint: the baby is actively doing something...