Thursday, October 6, 2011

PCO in adolescents

This 15 year old female child has irregular menses. The question is - can Polycystic ovary disease be seen at such a young age?
I believe the answer is yes!
Both ovaries show a volume of 10 cc. (definitely enlarged) and multiple small follicles (each of less than 7 mm.).
Ultrasound image of the uterus:

Image of the ovaries showing multiple small follicles:

Left ovary- note the large size and "string of pearls"
sign of follicles:

Right ovary also showing changes of PCO in this child:

Power Doppler image- both ovaries- PCO:


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  1. hi,
    which ultrasound machine model do you use?
    toshiba nemio?
    good quality pics.