Saturday, December 11, 2010

Subependymal cysts:

This neonate has a relatively large subependymal cyst close to the caudato-thalamic groove (ie the groove between the caudate nucleus and thalamus) of the fetal brain. Ultrasound videos taken in both the sagittal and coronal sections help confirm this diagnosis. The ultrasound video clip below shows a coronal section of the neonatal brain with the lesion displayed well.
The ultrasound video clip below shows a sagittal section through the neonatal brain displaying the subependymal cyst. The video clip pans from the lateral to the medial aspect of the neonatal brain, with focus on the subependymal cyst.

Still ultrasound images of this same neonatal brain are shown below: (see coronal images below):

This supendymal cyst is almost 7 to 8 mm. in dimension and needs careful follow up ultrasound imaging.
Parasagittal section image below shows another view of the subependymal cyst:

Visit: for more information and images of similar cases.

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