Monday, March 21, 2011

Copper -T (IUCD)

Visualizing the IUCD or intra-uterine contraceptive device by sonography is perhaps the easiest and best way to determine if the IUCD is in its proper location. Normally, the copper-T should be seen with its horizontal arm in the fundus and the vertical part of the T in the body of uterus (within the uterine cavity). The ultrasound images below show the normally located IUCD

The dense white stripe seen in the uterine cavity, is the IUCD, seen in both transverse and sagittal planes.
These videos show the method of scanning the uterus to detect the IUCD:

Problems with IUCD or IUD (intra-uterine devices) include, migration of the IUCD/ IUD through the wall of the uterus (ie: the myometrium), to enter the wall of the uterus, by literally piercing the uterine wall, over a period of time. Other complications include infection/ sepsis of the uterus. Ultrasound imaging helps to detect all these problems accurately. Where needed, a transvaginal scan of the uterus and pelvis can help exclude such complications. In rare cases, the IUCD/ IUD might be found within the pelvis, outside the uterus.

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