Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Adenomyomatosis of gallbladder

The ultrasound video clip above is a classic example of adenomyomatosis of the gall bladder. This word sounds similar to adenomyosis but there is a world of a difference between these two terms. Adenomyosis is a disease of the uterus and is characterized by development of endometrial tissue within the walls of the muscular layer of the uterus and is hence seen only in women.
   Adenomyomatosis, on the other hand, is a disease of the gall bladder and is of a chronic nature resulting in fine stones (GB calculi made of cholesterol usually) within crypts in the thickened gallbladder walls.
Read more on this topic at: http://www.ultrasound-images.com/gb-wall.htm#Diffuse_adenomyomatosis_of_gall_bladder
One more ultrasound video clip of this condition is shown below:
In addition to the diagnosis of adenomyomatosis of the gallbladder, observe the large stone or GB calculus seen in the gall bladder neck.

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