Monday, October 18, 2010

Benign prostatic hypertrophy- TRUS ultrasound videos

This was a rather large hypertrophy of the prostate in an elderly male patient. Prostates can get bigger than this. This ultrasound video demo of benign hypertrophy of the prostate was obtained via the transrectal route. Often, large prostates can be difficult to image in transrectal ultrasound studies due to the sheer size of the organ. Hence it is prudent to first image huge prostates via the transabdominal route, with a full bladder before trying the endocavity method. I always prefer to image prostates first in the oblique coronal plane from apex to base (as in this ultrasound video).
This is a still image of the prostate in the same patient.
See: for more images and discussion of prostate pathology.

This color Doppler ultrasound video shows a large prostate (benign enlargement) with marked vascularity on color Doppler imaging:
This amount of hyperemia of the prostate is not normal and can't be explained by benign enlargement. The diagnosis here is benign hypertrophy with prostatitis; something that can add insult to injury with marked exacerbation of the urinary complaints.

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