Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Unusual case of right flank pain:

This elderly male patient had right flank pain. We suspected a renal or ureteric calculus.
The ultrasound video above shows a "lump" in the right kidney in the middle third of the renal cortex. Is this a renal mass? The sonography of this case speaks in riddles- there is a vague ill-defined mass like area, but there is also a definite, but mild dilatation of the pelvicalyces. This is a case of right ureteric calculus with Bertin's column involving the right renal cortex.
Here is a still image of the same case:
Arrows point to the lesion (a normal variant). Note the dilated pelvicalyces.
The ultrasound video clip above shows the left kidney of the same patient- an obvious small cortical cyst is seen. There were no symptoms related to the left flank.
And here is the still image showing both kidneys:


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