Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pelvic kidney- ultrasound video study

This young adult female patient presented with right hypochondrial pain. We conducted a sonography of the gall bladder and found:
There were at least 3 calculi in the gall bladder, each of 7 to 9 mm. (see ultrasound video clip above) and the image below:
But a scan of the right kidney showed an empty right renal fossa:
So are we looking at a case of agenesis (absence) of the right kidney?
We searched further below and found this reniform structure near the urinary bladder.

Here are the still ultrasound images of what we saw....

At 6.6 x 2.5 cms., this kidney shaped structure looked rather small. But ultrasound and color Doppler appearances convinced us that this is indeed an ectopic right kidney located in the right hemipelvis.

 The above color Doppler ultrasound video clip further confirms our findings- this is indeed a pelvic right kidney. See: http://www.ultrasound-images.com/kidneys.htm for more on this topic.
Conclusion: the right hypochondrial pain was due to cholelithiasis with the pelvic (ectopic) right kidney an incidental finding.

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