Friday, October 15, 2010

An Unusual cortical cyst of kidney- ultrasound video:

This cortical cyst is a rather unusual location in the left kidney- it occupies a central part (the middle third) of the kidney extending from the outer cortex to the renal pelvis. This appearance can mimic a calyceal diverticulum or caliectasis.
 The ultrasound image above shows the renal cortical cyst in transverse and longitudinal axes. Read more on this at: 
And this is what a typical cortical cyst of the kidney looks like:
There is mild pelvicalyceal dilatation of the left kidney, due to pressure effect from the large left renal cortical cyst in the upper pole. I have seen renal cortical cysts from 0.5 cms. to 8 cms. in size. These cysts need to be monitored closely for signs of rupture, infection and malignancy.
 This color Doppler video clip of the same patient shows vessels curving around the rim of the cortical cyst of the left kidney.
A typical cortical cyst of the left kidney ( a very large one):

An ultrasound video clip of this large cyst in left kidney- it measures 6 to 7 cms. in diameter!
It is not unusual for renal cortical cysts to reach this size. Fortunately, there is no evidence of infection, hemorrhage or septation within this cystic lesion. But it needs to be periodically monitored for complications.

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