Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mucosal edema of bladder following recent passage of calculus:

This patient underwent ultrasound imaging to rule out urinary stones. This is what we found in the urinary bladder:
The urinary bladder mucosa shows marked edema around the region of the left ureteric orifice (opening of left ureter into the urinary bladder). So could this be a malignancy or polyp of the bladder mucosa? Fortunately this patient gave a history of passing a calculus (stone) the same day. This suggests that the "mass" appearance in the left wall of the bladder is mucosal edema (mucosa is the inner lining of the urinary bladder), due to the stone being lodged in the left vesico-ureteric junction (distal end of left ureter).
Here are the ultrasound images of the same case:
The lesion is seen clearly. But the appearance is very similar to that of a bladder malignancy.
Color Doppler ultrasound image shows no significant vascularity (blood flow) within the mass (lump) (arrows). This again suggests a more benign nature of the mass.
The kidneys show small echogenic foci (one in each kidney) suggestive of renal calculi, with no backpressure  changes.
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