Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Unusual bilateral ectopic fused kidneys:

The left and right kidneys appear to be ectopic with some degree of fusion of both kidneys, anterior to the mid line- the right kidney being located somewhere just below the liver and anterior to the spine; the left kidney located just behind the urinary bladder.
Have a look at this ultrasound video clip, panning from the bladder to the liver showing both kidneys, in the sagittal and oblique sagittal planes.


Some more ultrasound videos of the bilateral ectopic kidneys follow....
The left kidney is seen below- posterior to the urinary bladder in this B-mode ultrasound video (gray scale):

Have a look at the ectopic right kidney, located anterior to the spine, in this right parasagittal section ultrasound video clip:
Note the empty right renal fossa with the right kidney in an abnormal position.
Now the transverse section through the right kidney- see below:

S-shaped fusion of kidneys
Crossed renal ectopia (good article)
Pictorial display of various kidney fusion anomalies 
It is possible that the kidneys seen above may a variant of S-shaped or L-shaped fusion anomaly of the kidneys.

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