Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A small vascular lesion behind the thyroid

This color Doppler ultrasound image of the left lobe of the thyroid raised more queries than answers.
The lesion only 4 mm. in size. But located in a typical location in posterior aspect of the upper pole of left lobe of thyroid.

Markedly vascular lesions in this location are usually parathyroid adenomas. The gray scale ultrasound image suggests a solid lesion, thus suggestive of an adenoma of the parathyroid gland.

Such a highly vascular lesion can also suggest a possibility of an Arterio-venous malformation of the thyroid or the parathyroid. This is where this color Doppler ultrasound video might help (see below): this video shows a transverse section through the left lobe.

This color Doppler video clip below shows a long section of the left lobe of thyroid. The lesion is seen posteriorly.

See: http://www.ultrasound-images.com/thyroid.htm for more.
Specifically about parathyroid adenomas- visit:

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