Friday, November 5, 2010

Normal Gallbladder variants- Phrygian cap:

The Phrygian cap shape of the gallbladder (Gall Bladder) is a known variant. See ultrasound image below:


The gallbladder shows a septate appearance in this image. But is this really a septate gallbladder? See ultrasound video clip below:
Still not sure? See the ultrasound video clip below:
The commonest cause for the"septate" appearance of the gallbladder is the Phrygian cap anatomical variant. For more on this topic see:  The best method to demonstrate this variant of the GB is to unfold the gallbladder, by angling the probe to the length of the gallbladder- this displays the "cap" formed by the GB fundus. (See ultrasound picture below)-

The picture above shows the "unfolded" view of the gallbladder, with the Phrygian cap (arrow) clearly.

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